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Group exhibition curated by Andrew Mummery, with a series of short films selected by Anna Thew, including RE-CONFIGURED CUBE: Phase 2 by Thomas Qualmann.

Paul Caffell, Anton Lukoszevieze, Emma McNally, David Saunders, Terry Smith, with film and video screenings selected by Anna Thew: Len Lye, Anna Thew, Liz Rhodes, Thomas Qualmann, Alia Syed,  David Leister, Nick Gordon Smith, Bruce Baillie, Jeremy Blank.

New Art Projects,
6D Sheep Lane, London, E84QS

Private View Thursday 12 November 6-8 pm.

Exhibition continues until 19th December 2015

This exhibition brings together the work of four visual artists and a musician in order to compare the relational systems of music - or 'organised sound' as John Cage called it - and painting and drawing. It addresses questions of spatialisation, 'time', indeterminacy and how the performative and behavioural conditions of making and perceiving become an integral part of the process. The exhibition is not concerned with works of "painted music", but instead with ones that go beyond analogy, simile or metaphor to seek some potential structural relationships when direct sensations, whether through sight or sound, impinge on one another. 

Included in the exhibition:

4. RE-CONFIGURED CUBE: Phase 2 by Thomas Qualmann:

computer animation b/w silent 5 minutes, 0 seconds [looped] 2011
Excerpt from the programme:
A sequence of sequences of photographic exposures (of varying durations) of a series of animations (made from pencil drawings [inverted]) showing three views of a cube rotating through 360º, but where the viewpoints of different corners rotate at different rates. T.Q. 
‘Artist, Thomas Qualmann produces fine geometric line drawings in pencil with obsessive exactness and intricacy, interlacing, reviewing, patterning and rotating three dimensional forms of exquisite almost baroque complexity; transcending even the playful forward reverse motion of early serial abstract animation films produced with scrolls and drawings and paintings in rows, such as Viking Eggeling’s Diagonal Symphony or Hans Richter’s Rhythmus 21, to achieve an ethereal threading of optical notation and meditation. Thomas studied at the Slade School under Jayne Parker who has collaborated on film installation works with cellist Anton Lukoszevieze.’ A.T

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